Wedding Gift List and Honeymoon Fund

Libby & Paul’s Honeymoon Adventure!

We’ve been asked what we’d like for a gift and the answer is simple: you, at our reception, having an awesome time eating and dancing!

But if you insist, then we’ll say what we’d also love is the most amazing honeymoon possible. We have the basics covered, but we’re hoping for the vacation of a lifetime. We want to see and do everything we’ve dreamed about and if you’d like to help us with that, then read on!

Here’s how our registry works. Just pick the item you’d most like to give us. You’ll be asked to leave your name and any message you have for us. On the big day, bring the value of your gift in a card.

We’ll be updating our twitter page with pictures and posts during and after our honeymoon so check back @

Thank you friends and family!!